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Ideal treatment for cleaning and disinfection of warehouses, cold rooms and containers before storage of fresh produce. The portable Duo3 offers an alternative to existing chemical treatment with of ozone at high concentrations.


The Biofresh Duo3 unit is a mobile, and easy to use, decontamination system for indoor use incorporating a Wifi function to allow remote control via smartphone or tablet.


The unit uses a two stage operating cycle that creates ozone and then removes it, allowing quick reoccupation of treated areas.


Disinfects storage rooms, containers and storage boxes

Potato stores

Onion stores

Apple stores

Cheese and dairy

Meat and poultry


Uses no chemicals


Leaves no residues


Integrated ozone sensor monitors levels during the treatment cycle to comply with Health & Safety monitoring requirements


Security sensor extends destruct cycle until Health & Safety levels are achieved


Inhibits proliferation of bacteria without leaving chemical residues


Processes reach areas, walls, ventilation systems, etc.


Eliminates odours


Process and security sensor

Audible and visual safety alarms

Output 20g/hr

Air flow: 900m3/hr

Weight 33kg

Dimensions: 385mm x 550mm x 1000mm

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