Aqua 1000

Food ProcessingHigh Care & Clean Rooms

This compact ozone system includes diagnostic LED’s, a stainless steel ozone generator and a venturi system for an efficient mass-transfer of ozone to water.


Aqua 1000 is a system able to produce ozonated water with oxygen concentrator, ozone generator and venturi system and could be integrated with a tank vessel and ozone sensor. 


The system is available with various capacities of ozone production from 4gr/hr up to 27gr/hr. Modular systems could be integrated for more complex solutions.


Seafood processing

Meat and poultry processing

Winery and breweries

Barrique and tank

Fishing vessels

Surface sanitation of floors and walls


Food productions, packing areas and silos


Shopping malls and public toilets

Gym and spa

Cold rooms

Cruise liners and hotels

Refrigerated trucks


Uses no chemicals

Leaves no residues

Highly effective surface sanitiser

Bespoke unit can be tailored to required capacity

Reduce chemical and hot water usage


Ozone created using pure oxygen

Optional dissovled ozone sensor

Dissolved ozone

Outputs from 4-27g/hr up to 7PPM @ 18-150 LPM

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