Biofresh Cubo3 used on French Public Transport

Biofresh propose a handheld and easily portable ozone unit (7.5kg in weight, 310mm x 290mm x 290mm in size) capable of sanitizing the required area in a short period of time, requiring no chemical, gas or other inputs other than a standard electricity supply (1.03 Amps), and with no clean-up process after treatment other than removal of the unit. The unit includes an ozone destruct process at the end of the cycle, so that operators can immediately re-occupy the area after treatment.


Ozone is a naturally occurring gas which has powerful oxidizing and disinfecting properties and can deliver an effective sanitization against viruses with a short treatment cycle, requiring no chemicals or fuel other than a standard electric socket source. Ozone is returned to its' natural state of oxygen at the end of the cycle so that the room can be immediately re-occupied and there are no chemical residues present in the treated areas. In addition, as a gaseous treatment, Ozone penetrates to disinfect areas which are difficult to reach with physical cleaning methods.


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