Ozone on the move

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Now the proven Biofresh Ozone management system is available in pallet form.

A brilliantly simple concept, the freshpallet® delivers the prescribed level of Ozone required and releases exactly the right volume into the storage container for the duration of the journey.

Self governing, safe, secure and rechargeable.You simply switch it on and leave it.

Freshpallet® sanitises the container to protect against microbial decay and removes ethylene.

The Biofresh freshpallet® fits effortlessly into your existing logistics operation. It’s a stand alone, robust steel/plastic pallet. The control systems are contained securely within the structure. No technical know-how needed.

No complicated programming, no external power source required, no frequent maintenance. All you need to do is recharge the integral batteries after use.


Fits into your existing logistics process

Standard pallet size requires no extra storage space

Leaves no potentially harmful residue

Can be used in all sizes of containers

Easily transportable by all kinds of fork lifts and pallet trucks

One pallet treats the whole container


Uses no chemicals

Leaves no residues

Highly effective surface sanitiser

Effective ethylene scrubber

Unit does not need to be permanently fixed to container


Units available with capacity for 3 - 30 days

One Freshpallet required per container (20ft or 40ft)

0.8g/hr Ozone output

115-560kg depending on range

1200mm x 1000mm x 295/500mm

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