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Ethylene Management System

The Biofresh Ethylene Management Unit (EMU) provides store managers and growers with a safe, accurate and reliable method of extending the life of their crop in store without the risks which come from chemical residues. Our Ethylene Management Units operate using 99.95% ethylene supplied in cylinders, satisfying CRD quality requirements and HSE safety requirements. Use of cylinders ensures the delivery pf pure ethylene, avoiding potential impurities which may occur with use of ethanol.

Proven technology

  • The Biofresh Ethylene Management Unit (EMU) has been specially developed to deliver carefully controlled low-level concentrations of pure ethylene throughout any size of store
  • Single, twin and multi chamber systems available
  • Installed and maintained by trained field engineers
  • Easy to use with low running cost and no need for tonnage fees

Easy to set-up

A Biofresh EMU is simple to set-up. All you need to provide is:

  • Accessible hard-standing for safety cage and bottled gas
  • A standard 13 amp electrical supply (240 or 110 volts)


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