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Who Are Biofresh?

Biofresh is the market-leader in ethical food storage. Our innovative atmosphere control systems are improving the quality and marketability of fresh produce worldwide.

Biofresh was established in 2003 to commercialise discoveries made by the founding academics in Newcastle University School of Biology, relating to the introduction of safe and effective alternatives to chemical biocides used in the food technology and fresh produce sector. The Biofresh brand was acquired in 2011 by Freshpallet Limited, also based in the North-East of England. Freshpallet has two principal business streams – Ethylene Management Systems (for use in the long-term storage of potatoes and onions) and Ozone Management Systems (for use in cold room storage and transit for the food sector).

Biofresh Ozone Management Systems use natural ozone gas to inhibit microbial spoilage in a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. Like ethylene consumer confidence is reinforced by the absence of chemical residues.

Biofresh Ethylene Management Systems use natural ethylene gas to suppress the sprouting process, the main cause of potato spoilage. Even better, they increase consumer confidence by leaving none of the harmful residues of chemical treatments such as CIPC.

Our systems provide you with a reliable, easy to use and cost effective way to extend the life of fresh produce throughout the supply chain. Many growers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers are now reducing wastage, increasing their profits and improving their ethical credentials thanks to biofresh.

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